STARGATE has always been a company that is open, willing and committed to listening to you, the customer. As a result, many of the design innovations incorporated into the STARGATE trailers evolved through customer suggestions,
ideas and solution finding from your hauling challenges.

Owners asked for a trailer that was more fuel efficient, lighter and had a greater cubic capacity than their traditional sheet & post construction.

The STARGATE design team accepted the challenge and from the drawing board emerged the development of today’s DURA-WALL® patented, interlocking, smooth side vertical panel trailer.


  • Provides approximately 4 additional inches of interior width, times your length, times your height, for you to achieve greater cubic capacity – increased profits
  • Provides a smooth side trailer with enhanced aerodynamics / air flow for increase fuel economy of approximately 5%-15%, depending on routes and travel speed
  • Provides a greater return on investment, as damage on the interior of the trailer is not visible on the exterior, maintaining the trailers overall appearance and resale
  • Provides a very strong side wall with fully welded interior joints offering panels of 4 thicknesses,
    strategically positioned to help combat the excessive wear associated with the friction of unloading aggressive materials
  • Provides a high polished smooth surface to preserve your image and maintain an appearance that you will be proud to have your name displayed upon for many many years