STARGATE BROCHURE FINAL 10-1-14STARGATE has always followed one simple belief: Build a trailer you can be proud to put your name on, a trailer the customer can be proud to put their name on!


Since 1972, when the Zangrilli family founded Midwest Truck and Trailer Services, Ltd., they followed a critical guiding principle that continues today as the foundation of their work, their growth and their on-going and sustaining business relationships – RESPECT MUST BE EARNED, EARNED EVERY DAY.

It was 25 years later, after having earned the reputation for providing superior service and repair work for the truck and trailer industry, that the market was demanding a new trailer manufacturer; one that would bring that same deep commitment to old world work ethic, craftsmanship, attention to detail and genuine customer satisfaction – qualities with which the Zangrilli family built Midwest. With a solid foundation of good people and a true hands-on understanding of trailer design, trailer integrity, trailer serviceability and trailer longevity; the Zangrilli’s responded to the voice of the market – STARGATE MANUFACTURING was launched in 1998 with the introduction of the first STARGATE DUMP TRAILER, which is still running the roads and hauling throughout Canada! Today….. STARGATE has expanded its product lineup to include TRANSFER TRAILERS, the Company continues to maintain its unconditional commitment to customer satisfaction; and, everyone thanks you for making STARGATE the fastest growing aluminum trailer manufacturer in Canada servicing North America. As for tomorrow, STARGATE will continue to service the needs of the market with new, innovative trailer models, built in the same tradition upon which the company was founded.

Thank you for your interest in STARGATE, as we look forward to the opportunity to have you experience first-hand why so many owners and operators have declared STARGATE to be their

“Trailer and manufacturer of choice”.